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PostPosted: February 3rd, 2024, 9:06 am 
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2023 Continued

In May, the Ectozone celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Holy cow. It's older than my niece and nephew...who just graduated high school.

Sony announced the official name of the fifth Ghostbusters movie: Frozen Empire. Over the next few months more information comes out, including the return of the entire Afterlife cast and all four surviving members of the original crew. Yes, that includes Bill Murray. And in early 2024 came pictures from the movie...with Janine in a flight suit, something that had never happened in movie canon before. But using her to sorta plug the Egon-sized hole in the original line up is totally appropriate. It doesn't totally make up for the way she was creatively screwed over in GB2 and GBA, but it helps.

Gen Con 2023 was awesome again.

I released a number of fan fics, most notably the first three chapters of "The Monster of Lungbarrow", a big story in both TJ Anderson's solo arc and her joint one with John Spengler. It's also packed with an absurd amount of Doctor Who injokes (including the title).

(Part Four is almost finished. I promise!)

HasLab announced a PKE Meter and Ghost Trap set. Having a Matty Collector meter and a Spirit Halloween trap, I don't feel as bad about not being able to get in on this one.


New toys!!! A repop of the classic RGB Fright Features figures from 1988, and new figures for the new movie. Trevor was just a repop of the same one from Afterlife with a name tag, Callie and Phoebe reused Lucky's body, and Gary Grooberson was the exact same body used on the figures of the original Ghostbusters, but hey, it's Hasbro, we're used to it. Hell, remember how Kenner used the same molds for four runs of RGB figures, with a fifth in the works before the line was canceled? Yeah, this is practically a tradition. Now all we gotta see is if they'll do a second wave with repainted/resculpted aged versions of the surviving three and most of all a flight suit Janine.

Feb 3: My GBN profile is now old enough to buy alcohol in this country. Yet another Boy Do I Feel Old moment.

Of course, with Presidential Election From Hell Part Three revving up, I can understand wanting to get stinking drunk..


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