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Author:  Fritz [ February 5th, 2012, 9:00 am ]
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jason knetge wrote:
you need a new phone.

Probably. But the one I have still works quite well as a phone, and it'd be silly to replace it when it still works. :)

Author:  APaleHorse [ February 5th, 2012, 10:26 am ]
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I hardly use the camera function on my phone anyway. My fiance uses his plenty, but not me.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2013, 9:56 am ]
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2012 Continued...

Round2 reissues the ECTO-1A model kit from 1990, and of course Fritz gets one. He does his as a post-GB2 version of the ECTO-1, not too dissimilar to the vehicle seen in the Video Game. But Fritz doesn't put a garbage can on the top of his.

The IDW Ghostbusters comic continues to kick much ass. And he's not just saying that because Erik Burnham named a character after him (and a delightfully ironic choice of character at that) :lol:

GenCon 2012 is awesome. Vincent Belmont is still the man. Fritz loads up on Ars Magica and Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition books.

On the down side, IDW announces that the comic will be undergoing a restart with #1. Fritz really should get used to this kind of stunt, because the days people will follow comics with two or three digit numbers on their covers appears to be well over. (sigh)


IDW releases Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters, the first animation-styled story since 1997.

February 3. Fritz makes another self-indulgent post in third person marking...holy crap...his tenth anniversary since registering at The fact that GBN is all but dead at this point adds an ironic point to that anniversary.

While no, Fritz can't mark this occasion with a new story, he does upload a number of updates to his Timeline. The New Timeline is updated to the end of IDW's Vol.1. And Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters is added to the Classic Timeline. There's also a tweak or two to the GBI Timeline, with more to come soon.

Author:  jason knetge [ February 11th, 2013, 3:51 pm ]
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sorry to be lat on this but congrats on the anniversary.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2014, 10:15 am ]
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2013 Continued:

The New Ghostbusters, really Ghostbusters Vol.2, begins, with the original Ghostbusters missing in action and Janine being forced to lead a new team comprised of Kylie Griffin, Melanie Ortiz (an FBI Agent who began as a bit of a parody of Dana Scully), and former Ghostsmasher and all-around jerkbag Ron Alexander (Supposedly based on Chevy Chase, but looking more like a lowlife Inspector Gadget). After four issues and a great kiss in issue 3, the original Ghostbusters come back, and Ron is thankfully sent to the Home For Useless Characters, aka the Chicago branch of GBI as run by the Rookie from the Video Game.

The Ectozone celebrates it's tenth anniversary.

The Mattel action figure line rises from its grave...almost. Mattel offers pre-orders for a 6-inch scale ECTO-1 contingent on a ridiculous number of pre-orders for a ridiculous amount of money in a ridiculously short amount of time, and it shocked when it doesn't come anywhere near the goal. In better news, Mattel also announces the release of their latest prop, the "Neutrino" Wand, and it makes a lot of fans deliriously happy when it comes out in December. Fritz had hoped to get one, but some other issues came up and ah well.

GenCon 2013 is even better than 2012, with Fritz and Ogre being able to attend three days out of four. Best news out of GenCon: Vincent Belmont and his girlfriend are now engaged!

Ghostbusters V2#6 is best issue of the IDW comic so far, as Egon and Roger (aka EgonLite) literally have to journey through Janine's mind to free her from some Viking jerkholes who want to punish her for not following the rules to their "test" that they didn't even bother to tell her about. Even Janine regards the events of GB2 with no small amount of squick at this point.

Round 2 Models announces a follow up to their ECTO-1A repop with a repop of the 2002 ECTO-1 kit


The thirtieth anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters begins, with the announcement of a Lego Ghostbusters set, and more to come.

IDW releases X-Files Conspiracy: Ghostbusters, written by Erik Burnham, and illustrated by Salvador Navarro with a heavy uncredited assist from Steve Kurth.

Feb 3: Fritz celebrates the tenth anniversary of his first self-indulgent third-person anniversary post on GBN by making a self-indulgent third-person anniversary post on the Ectozone.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2015, 10:30 am ]
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First, a little note: being tired of making all the "Fritz writes another post in third person" jokes, this year I'm just going to ditch it and do it first person.

2014 Continued:

The biggest Ghostbusters news of the year is on February 24, when actor/writer/director Harold Ramis crosses over to the Other Side. He left a large body of work, including, of course, his role in taking Dan Aykroyd's messy Ghostbusters concept and bringing it down to a workable level. In the process, he created Egon Spengler, the character he would play in two movies and voice in a well-received video game. Egon went on to become my favorite of the four Ghostbusters (though I have to credit J. Micheal Stracynski and voice actor Maurice LaMarche a great deal for that fact also), and even though I didn't agree with Ramis's later decisions (the whole cockblocking his own character with the Janine/Louis debacle in GB2) he's still a big part of why this web site is even here.

And Ramis's body wasn't even cold before people on GBFans started whining about "But this means no Ghostbusters 3!!!!" (Insert ominous foreshadowing music here...)

IDW continued to kick much ass as "Mass Hysteria" dominated much of the year. The official 30th anniversary story, it began with Winston's wedding to longtime (IDW comic) girlfriend Tiyah Clarke just as Tiamat, a figure of Sumerian and Babylonian mythology (as well as Dungeons and Dragons and the RGB episode "I Am the City") decided to show up and start fucking with things. I enjoyed the story immensely even though there was a strong feeling of "Here's another set piece that will remind you of the movies!" and, of course, a somewhat depressing ending where Tiamat pulls a "One More Day" on Winston and wipes out the wedding we'd just seen seven issues before.

That ended the Ghostbusters ongoing series, but it was immediately followed by a four-issue crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from basically the same creative team. And more than one hint has been dropped that more will come, at least in the form of miniseries if not a Volume 3 of the ongoing series, especially as the TMNT crossover has sold so well.

I got off my ass and have posted most of Enlightenment, a story filling one of the remaining "holes" in GBOTFF mythology: just how did Eric Stantz's parents finally get together, anyway? The conclusion wasn't ready for today, but it won't be long. I also did a story that brought IDW comic character Roger Baugh into GBOTFF continuity. How could I not? :lol:

Another awesome GenCon, where I once again bought a lot of awesome stuff, and hung out with the completely awesome Vincent Belmont and his fiancee (now wife).

The other big Ghostbusters news began to roll with rumors that director Paul Feig was in talks to do...Ghostbusters 3. With an all-female cast. Unconnected to previous movies. This couldn't be real, could it?


Yes, it's official: Paul Feig is directing GB3, with an all female team (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon) unconnected to previous continuity save a few promised "cool nods". Some of the dudebros on GBFans are pissed about the all-woman team, and almost all of them are pissed about the reboot. Personally...I guess in my old age and cynicism, I more look at it as "If it sucks with teeth, it's easier to ignore that way." I would have thought Hollywood had learned it's lesson from the faceplant the 2014 Robocop remake made, but then again Micheal Bay's execrable Doctor Rockso ninja turtles made a depressing amount of money, once more proving Mencken's observations ("Noone ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people") correct.

And this completes the eleventh annual self-indulgent post.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2016, 11:26 am ]
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2015 Continued:

News continues to dribble out about Ghostbusters (2016), including photos of the new proton packs (which seem to go over well with fans) and the new ECTO-1 (which doesn't). Sure, there's still some dudebro whining about "misandry" and "Feig has an agenda so this movie will suck" but it's a little quieter now. Kate McKinnon's character is an early fan favorite based purely on a few photos of her eccentric ensemble and resemblance to RGB Egon.

IDW follows their awesome TMNT crossover with an even more awesome crossover with their cartoon counterparts: Ghostbusters Get Real. The crossover is basically set during "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" 's commercial break, as we find out the guys didn't go straight from Rockefeller Center to Proteus's mirror dungeon. Some great moments--including glimpses of the whole EGB team and even a one-panel cameo of the Filmation Ghostbusters--and the only bad news is that IDW isn't giving us this version every month. (It also inspired a fan fic)

Speaking of fan fics, I finish "Enlightenment" and the first installment of the follow up, Love Songs, is scheduled to be released on February 14. (Valentine's Day. Bummer)

Another awesome GenCon in August (well, technically July and August, since it started on the 30th last year). Vincent Belmont and Pointy Hat Games demo/playtest their upcoming products, to much acclaim.


After a year off for two limited series and an annual, IDW begins the third volume of their spectacular comic with the auspicious title Ghostbusters International. We look forward to great things from Burnham, Schoening, and company (as usual :lol:)

Feb 3: Criminy. My GBN Profile is now officially a surly teenager.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2017, 11:35 am ]
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Another year in Ghostheaddom gone by...

2016 Continued

You have have heard--for the first time since 1989 a new Ghostbusters movie was in theatres. And of course as Ghostbusters fans we were all deliriously happy and supportive of this major event...hah hah, no, of course we weren't. We actually had alleged Ghostbuster fans rooting against a Ghostbuster movie just because the leads were female and they felt like that made it "too political". The disdain for a reboot instead of a continuation I can understand more...but I somehow doubt a reboot helmed by a mixed or all-male cast would have gotten nearly the level of acrimony.

I guess it didn't help that this happened the same year real-world politics saw a Presidential contest between a well-qualified woman who rose to the top of her party despite three decades of made up crap from the right wing media, and a bombastic asshole with a bad haircut who rose to the top of his party's ticket even after he bragged on tape about getting away with sexual assault and pediphilic voyeurism. A year where the well-qualified woman won the fucking election by nearly three million votes but the asshole got to be president anyway (and has been soooooo good at it, too...)

Anyway, the "fans" got their wish and GB2016 vastly underperformed. Thanks, guys, really. I'm sure that will really motivate Sony to keep putting out movies.


The IDW series continued to roll along with eleven issues of Ghostbusters International. I admit...I still enjoy this series a great deal, but I just don't get as tingly excited as I did during Vol.1 and 2. With all the other subplots that showed promise but didn't go anywhere (most notably the whole fizzled Egon/Janine/Roger idea that gave us one spectacular issue (v2#6) but otherwise was a giant dud) then the stupid "One More Day" ending of Vol.2 throwing out years of Winston's character development just kind of wrote it in neon "NOTHING OF CONSEQUENCE IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS SERIES--SONY WON'T LET IT"

And in a weird way, "Get Real" just made it worse--it was like I was catching glimpses of a book I really want, but will never get.

I dunno...the recently announced "Ghostbusters 101" shows potential...I hope it can reignite some of the flame. I guess we'll see.


Feb. 3. My GBN profile is now fourteen years old, incredibly moody, and blaming me for everything that goes wrong in its life.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2018, 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Joined: Feb 03, 2003

2017 Continued

I realize that, after Ghostbusting 101 (guest starring the 2016 crew and a whole passle of underdeveloped new characters) and TMNT/GB2 (which, true to the top billing, is really a Turtle story guest starring the Ghostbusters) I'm getting really really bored with the whole interdimenstional crossover thing.

The best Ghostbusters story IDW published in 2017 was actually the first part of a miniseries starring the 2016/"Answer the Call" characters. No parade of interdimensional guest stars, just four Ghostbusters versus a nasty entity. It's a relief that IDW does apparently still know how to tell these stories.


Unfortunately, 2018 is gonna see the biggest, most bloated interdimensional crossever yet, and I never thought I'd be so non-excited about something like this.

Plus my GBN profile is now fifteen years old, and taunting the Ectozone how it'll be old enough to drive three months earlier next year.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2019, 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Joined: Feb 03, 2003

2018 Continued

As expected, "Crossing Over" was bloated with guest stars and not enough time given to process any of the interesting things that happened throughout it. It's still top-notch stuff artistically, and as I've said before, the enthusiasm the whole team has shows. I just wish they'd ramp it down a little bit on the "cosmic crisis" scale.

Diamond Select toys released a new wave of animation-based figures; the first wave, with Winston, Egon, and Slimer, was Diamond's top selling toy to the the direct comic market in December 2018. Venkman, Ray, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are coming soon.


As a slightly delayed New Year's surprise, on January 15th the fourth Ghostbusters movie was announced for release in 2020. It will be directed by Ivan Reitman's son Jason (who has become a notable director in his own right) and will take place in the continuity of the first two movies. It took about six milliseconds before GBFans devolved into a bunch of ax-grinding about the third movie in 2016.

And on February 3rd, I make a self-aggrandizing post about having signed up at GBN sixteen years ago today.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2020, 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Joined: Feb 03, 2003

2019 Continued

the other half of the Diamond Select RGB figure collection comes out, and it's just as awesome. Sadly, all that comes after that is a "Citizen Ghost" set available at San Diego Comic Con and GameStop. Hasbro gets the Ghostbusters license in the run-up to the new movie; this will be worth it if in addition to all the movie-based stuff that will inevitably appear in 2020, they dig out old Kenner toolings to reissue to classic RGB figures.

The fourth movie has officially been named Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

IDW does a five issue Transformers/Ghostbusters miniseries. I'm once again conflicted between being so sprocking tired of the crossovers, and how well they're done. It helps that the series has G1 style Transformers instead of the pointy scrap piles in roughly human shapes that are seen in Micheal Bay's terrible movies.

On the fan fic front, I spent most of the year writing an elaborate hobbit mating dance, but closed things out with Thirty-Five Years Later where I get really meta about IDW, the Ectozone fan fics, and even aforementioned Afterlife as I set up the fact that the "future" Ghostbusters of 2021+ are about to become the present day Ghostbusters of the Ectozone universe.


February 3rd arrives, and here I am making another "This year in Ghostbusters" post. I also contemplate taking up alcoholism because it's an election year.

Author:  Fritz [ February 3rd, 2021, 9:30 am ]
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2020 Continued:

Hasbro Reveals Kenner Classics At New York Toy Fair

You know I wanted these. It took until December, but it finally happened:


(I also have a repop of the Kenner Stay Puft, but haven't taken a picture of it)

So, about that Ghostbusters: Afterlife thing that was supposed to happen in 2020...


A novel strain of the coronavirus surfaced in China in late 2019, and by the end of the first quarter of 2020 was a worldwide pandemic. Well, unfortunately, the president of the United States in 2020 was a narcissist game show host who thought he was the smartest man in all of human history and knew better than all those doctors who use big words he doesn’t know, so he did almost nothing about the pandemic and sure enough over the remainder of 2020 the virus killed over a third of a million Americans.

With movie theaters closed, movies kept seeing delay after delay. GBA was delayed to March 2021, then to June 2021, and most recently pushed to November 2021. The United States got new leadership in early 2021 and vaccination has begun; things look to eventually get better, but we're a long way from out of the woods on this. Though personally, I'm not in a huge hurry to be told that Movie Egon was a child abandoning Deadbeat Dad with a daughter who "never knew" him, which will be an even shittier twist if the daughter's mother isn't the obvious candidate.

I started a fanfic set after Ghostbusters 2, Picture Imperfect, that both showed the beginning of unsnarling GB2's major character assassination of Janine (which we saw more of in canon from writers such as James Van Hise and JMS) and also finally made the presence of a Vigo painting in Ghostbusters: The Video Game work for me. An auto accident in June 2020 and some non-GB interests crying for my attention led to the conclusion taking longer than I'd intended, but it did make it out before the end of the year. Vigo finally got a kitten, to boot.

In more bad news from GB world, the IDW series has gone into indefinite hiatus after a pretty decent miniseries called Ghostbusters: Year One, taking place just after the first movie and flashing back to events before and during it. I haven't always agreed 100% with some of the story decisions IDW made in their Ghostbusters comics, thinking them waaay too crossover heavy, but never disputed the quality and enthusiasm Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and the rest of the creative team brought to bear. I hope we'll get better news eventually.

Another casualty of the coronavirus was GenCon 2020. For the first time since 2010 I didn't spend at least one day in the Indiana Convention Center with Vincent Belmont and his wife looking at orc minis. Damn, did I miss it. Like with Afterlife. we'll just have to see about GenCon 2021.


February 3rd. So here we are. My profile on GBN is now old enough to vote.

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