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Author:  Sandra [ March 29th, 2017, 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Favourite Pairings!

nikki wrote:
Speaking of Sherlock, maybe half the reason I ship Sherlock/Molly is that it is similar to Egon/Janine. He's largely oblivious to her obvious crush on him, and I find the way he acts particularly cruel to Molly when she's dating someone, or when he thinks she's dating someone, to be reminiscent of the petulant jealous behaviour Egon displays when Janine is dating someone. Egon and Sherlock's characters are quite similar to each other (intellectual types who hang around labs way too often and ignore the basics such as eating when they are caught up in something), and I think Molly and Janine are similar in the way they both step up to the plate when trouble is occurring. I tell ya, I wasn't looking for that relationship when I started watching Sherlock, but by the end of the last episode and after re-watching it again, it does seem strangely familiar. :D

I know you wrote this a while ago but I just watched the Molly/Sherlock scene from "The Final Problem".

Spoilers in black because the spoiler tag seems to hate me...
Eurus threatens to kill Molly if Sherlock does not make her say “I love you” to him. Am I going crazy or did this scene actually resemble a scene in the EGB-Episode „The Crawler“?
Sherlock wants to save Molly by making her say “I love you” to him. She demands that he says it first and he does. The first time it does not sound honest and he obviously says it just to save her. But then he says it again and it seems heartfelt.
When Egon tries to free Janine from the demon’s influence his first “I love you” sounds awkward and is apparently only an attempt to get through to her. But when she turns away from him and he calls. “Don’t leave me!” it sounds honest just like Sherlock’s second “I love you”.

Am I seeing things or was anybody else reminded of this, too?

Author:  HauntedWallflower [ May 8th, 2017, 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Favourite Pairings!

New addition to my fave pairings!

Samurai Jack - Jack x Ashi. Shipped these two from the very start of the new season and I'm so happy that they hit first base! And of course there's that feeling of triumph when OTP becomes canon!

EDIT: Aaaaaand now I'm crying hard at Ashi's loss.

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