The Official Birthday Thread
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Author:  jason knetge [ June 9th, 2020, 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Official Birthday Thread

as always thank you for the birthday wishes frits. :)

Author:  Fritz [ June 12th, 2020, 8:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Official Birthday Thread

Birthday time for...


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Age: 37
Location: Hertfordshire, UK

"Oh no, I let it loose!"

Birthday Trivia:
Gregorian: Sunday, 12 June 1983
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 9 Men; haab = 3 Zotz
French: 23 Prairial an 191 de la Révolution
Islamic: 1 Ramadan 1403
Hebrew: 1 Tammuz 5743
Julian: 30 May 1983
ISO: Day 7 of week 23 of 1983
Persian: 22 Xordad 1362
Ethiopic: 5 Sane 1975
Coptic: 5 Baunah 1699
Chinese: Cycle 77, year 60 (Gui-Hai), first month 5 (Wu-Wu), day 2 (Xin-Wei)
Julian day: 2445498
Day of year: Day 163 of 1983; 202 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Pungenday, Confusion 17, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3149
Order of Hermes: XXII Gemini, MMCXXII Age of Pisces

KMP is also known as Jake Collins, and is the older brother of the Ectozone's longtime contributor Rosey "EGB Fan" Collins. He's also Rosey's collaborator on The EGB Fan Season and The Riveras, which take place in their own universe that I've named Timeline 7545. Jake signed up at the Ectozone on July 31st, 2016, and has a total thus far of 128 posts, earning the three-star rank of Doberman.

So Happy Birthday!

Author:  Fritz [ June 27th, 2020, 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Official Birthday Thread


<<Avatar doesn't seem to work anymore>>

Age: 36

<<Signature doesn't seem to work anymore either>>

Birthday Trivia
Gregorian: Wednesday, 27 June 1984
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 13 Cib; haab = 19 Zotz
French: 9 Messidor an 192 de la Révolution
Islamic: 28 Ramadan 1404
Hebrew: 27 Sivan 5744
Julian: 14 June 1984
ISO: Day 3 of week 26 of 1984
Persian: 6 Tir 1363
Ethiopic: 20 Sane 1976
Coptic: 20 Baunah 1700
Chinese: Cycle 78, year 1 (Jia-Zi), month 5 (Geng-Wu), day 28 (Ren-Chen)
Julian day: 2445879
Day of year: Day 179 of 1984; 187 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Pungenday, Confusion 32, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3150
Order of Hermes: VI Cancer, MMCXXIII Age of Pisces

Jeff is one of the charter members of the Ghostbusters West Coast, and a hell of an artist. He's also written the well-received GBWC stories "Post Mortem Kombat" and the incomplete "Food for Thought" (before it was taken down pending a rewrite); his character in the GBWC, Dr. Jeff Nash, is an occult scholar, ninja, and split his time with Ghostbusters Nightsquad (Jeff lives near Bo, Jen, and Yeti in Real Life)

Jeff joined the original Ectozone forum on Jun 9, 2004 (the very day it opened), and the current one on November 3rd, 2007. He has a combined total of 150 posts, which would qualify him for the four-star rank of Moononite, but as a member of the Ectozone Editorial Staff, he instead has the five blue stars of a Global Moderator.

So wish Jeff a happy birthday, if you can find him. That's tricky sometimes when you're dealing with ninjas.

Author:  Fritz [ July 19th, 2020, 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Official Birthday Thread


Age: 35
Occupation: English teacher
Location: Hertfordshire, England

EGB Fan's EGB Fans
Original Writing

'Rosey Collins an XGB fan from the UK.'
-Fil Barlow
Yep, that about sums me up. 8-)

Birthday Trivia
Gregorian: Friday, 19 July 1985
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 10 Akbal; haab = 1 Xul
French: 30 Messidor an 193 de la Révolution
Islamic: 1 Dhu al-Qada 1405
Hebrew: 1 Av 5745
Julian: 6 July 1985
ISO: Day 5 of week 29 of 1985
Persian: 28 Tir 1364
Ethiopic: 12 Hamle 1977
Coptic: 12 Abib 1701
Chinese: Cycle 78, year 2 (Yi-Chou), month 6 (Gui-Wei), day 2 (Ji-Wei)
Julian day: 2446266
Day of year: Day 200 of 1985; 165 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Setting Orange, Confusion 54, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3151
Order of Hermes: XXVIII Cancer, MMCXXIV Age of Pisces

Rosey is one of the core writers of GBOT fan fic, concentrating on the Extreme Ghostbusters and their families (as you might have anticipated from her user name). Not to say she's ignored the original Ghostbusters: she also had a strong say in the development of the GBOT version of the Venkman family; she created Jessica Venkman, and her half brother Oscar Wallance is practically Rosey's creation also (his only official appearances, after all, have been as a baby or a photograph). More recently, she and her brother Jake have collaborated on their own "EGB Season Two" and EGB Spin-Off: The Riveras, which have taken some of the characters in very different directions than the GBOT/Ectozone versions. (I'm not even sure Oscar Wallance Venkman and Kevin Rivera even met in GBOT continuity :lol: )

Rosey joined the original Ectozone forum on Oct 1, 2004, and the current one on August 24th, 2007. She has a total of 1004 posts, which means she's the only other person than the idiot who runs this place to have made it into the four digit post counts. As a Global Moderator, she has five blue stars in her profile rather than the "I Have No Life" rank and five yellow stars.

I hope you have a good birthday, my friend.

Author:  Fritz [ July 22nd, 2020, 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Official Birthday Thread

village idiot


Location: San Jose, CA; Sharks Territory!!!
Age: 44
Occupation: Radio programming assistant/show producer

"Life is one continuous Spinal Tap moment." - Brian May

Birthday Trivia:
Gregorian: Thursday, 22 July 1976
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 2 Cauac; haab = 2 Xul
French: 4 Thermidor an 184 de la Révolution
Islamic: 25 Rajab 1396
Hebrew: 24 Tammuz 5736
Julian: 9 July 1976
ISO: Day 4 of week 30 of 1976
Persian: 31 Tir 1355
Ethiopic: 15 Hamle 1968
Coptic: 15 Abib 1692
Chinese: Cycle 77, year 53 (Bing-Chen), month 6 (Yi-Wei), day 26 (Yi-Hai)
Julian day: 2442982
Day of year: Day 204 of 1976; 162 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Pungenday, Confusion 57, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3142
Order of Hermes: I Leo, MMCXV Age of Pisces

VI joined the Ectozone on August 30th, 2008, and has a total of 30 posts. That gives him the two-star rank of Extreme Ghostbuster.


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