Ghostbusters West Coast: Home Turf
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Author:  Fritz [ September 8th, 2007, 1:16 pm ]
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Ghostbusters West Coast: Home Turf

2003--Timeline Year Twenty One

While on a visit to GBI HQ in New York City, Joey and Fritz go on a bust with Ray Stantz. But then something strange happens...and how does a troubled young man named Leon Hogan fit into the picture?

You can see from subsequent GBWC stories like "Intermission" how much this was designed to set up Leon Hogan's eventual career in the GBWC: he was the character of a user on GBN, "Ray Parker Jr", and it was his idea to tie his character to another character as a mentor figure (being the oldest, mine ended up being selected for the role) and coming in later. John Lipsyte was the character who was a place holder for Leon Hogan--we went ahead and kept most of the original plot (Lipsyte dies, Leon takes his place) though by that time "Ray Parker Jr." had pretty much disappeared from the community, so Leon's GBWC career ends up being pretty brief.

Author:  Fritz [ December 16th, 2014, 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters West Coast: Home Turf

I'm bumping this very old thread for a specific reason: I finally made good on one reference in the story:

Fritz exchanged a high five with the ghost, and went over to join Joey and Ray, leaving the brothers alone together.

"He's a hell of a guy..." Leon admitted

"Sure is. I'm glad you two are friends--he's gonna need all the help he can get in a few years...he's slated to have like four kids, all daughters..."

The brothers laughed.

I seems to be a pattern of mine to make some kind of off the wall suggestion and then use it as a blueprint for years of stories. "Future Shocks" practically tells you all about what my GBNY stories were going to be working toward for the succeeding several years. And that little flippant remark by Nick's ghost to Leon similarly pretty much told you exactly what was going to happen to my GBWC counterpart.

First came this:
It's A Girl!
September 22, 2007--Timeline Year Twenty Five
The official announcement of the arrival of the newest member of the Ghostbusters West Coast family.

Abigail's appeared in a few stories since, such as the moribund "Toy Soldiers". Then in "One Froggy Halloween" we find out...that by October 2014 sure enough...

Two More Girls!
December 13, 2010--Timeline Year Twenty Eight
The Baugh family joins a GBI tradition with the birth of identical twins!

And That Makes Four!
May 22, 2014--Timeline Year Thirty-Two
And Nick Hogan's prophesy is fulfilled!

I've been having so much trouble the last few years getting things done, I'm glad I finally got one of my little intentions fulfilled.

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