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PostPosted: March 26th, 2015, 3:52 pm 
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Not a real script, just an uncommissioned treatment that he himself calls "fan fiction"

A couple of GBFans remarks: ... 39&t=39238

philmorgan81 wrote:
This sure wasn't an upbeat script. ;). Peter sure came off as a super douche. I understand that it is real hardcore, but do they really have to kill off members of the original team to pass the torch. Can't they just save the world one more time and retire with all their atoms where they are supposed to be? I understand Egon's passing for obvious reasons, but why kill Ray off. I know he goes out a hero, but come on. Well nice treatment and at least we see a sample of what Could have been, nice piece of Fan Fiction. :) :) :)

But...but you have to kill people to be all edgy and taken seriously! Besides, every dead character is one they don't have to put in later movies!

Cory Levy wrote:
I dug it. It's not perfect and I think it'd need a lot of polishing but the basic outline for a very enjoyable second sequel is put in place here.

The major deficiencies I find with it would be A) there's slightly a little too much of an overload of 'new' material here. Between an entirely new main team, an entirely new secondary team, a new governmental organization with insidious plans and new side characters that do figure somewhat prominently into the plot, there's just a little too much to explain and ride with in a third film B) almost opposite of my Point A, I think the inclusion of the repetitive elements, mainly with regards to Zuul and Vinz Clortho and Gozer's reappearance and re-enactment of the original film's plot, is unnecessary and just serves to clunk the plot and is a little empty nostalgia C) the mass appearance of Ghostbusters from across the nation seems to take away from the importance put upon our main team; it's a neat little idea but I think it's again just an unnecessary addition just there for 'wow's' and it really lessens the importance of these main characters in my eyes D) most importantly, like a previous poster said, the tonal differences between the original two films and this proposed third film is a little jarring; this version of Ray Stantz sounds near suicidal for the first two thirds of the film, the Venkman jab is a little mean spirited to me, someone being shot in the back and someone being thrown off a roof to their death are both a little too realistically violent for a GB film and just the entire depressive state of almost all of the characters as we start this film is just too much for me.

Personally, if you trimmed back the new characters, removed the appearances of Zuul, Vinz and Gozer, made the only back-up the two new teams receive being the original gang and shifted the tone back towards more of an actual GB film, I think you'd have an excellent script.

And this, from M.Thunder, one of the ones who pushed back hardest against the sexist "No gurl Ghosbustres!!!11!!!" crowd:

M.Thunder wrote:
I'm not crazy about the idea of making the "Next Generation" the LITERAL Next Generation.

Welll...we all know I have to disagree with that

If Egon's daughter was a character, that's one way to address his absence,

You know I can't oppose that on principle

but you'd need to address who her mother is,

Knowing full well that a lot of fans would hate your guts if the answer is anyone but the obvious

and you'd also need to overlook the lore (Yeah it's video game but still it counts!) that says working closely with GB gear for long periods of time will make you sterile. So no second generation for those first Ghostbusters who had to learn that the hard way.

Ungh. One more thing that makes me have trouble embracing that game.

That said, they only have one girl on the team and the first thing she does is get herself a boyfriend (an undercover eco-terrorist no less). No single ladies in movies, ever!

Why couldn't Quaid have been a girl? Was it because Quaid had no romantic subplot or daddy issues in play?

These statements I totally agree with.

... Sorry. I shouldn't snark at a movie that's not gonna be made. Still, it's not a bad read. It's got it's issues, but it's charming.

That pretty much sums it up.

Sorry to take so much space on GBFans comments; I just don't feel like stirring any turds in those threads there. On the whole, I'm already just about sick to death of the whole GB3/Feig/Ghostcorp thing.


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