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 Post subject: Christmas Dance
PostPosted: December 22nd, 2016, 10:23 pm 
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Christmas Dance
by RealGhostbusterFan, Dec 5, 2006, 9:17:46 AM
Literature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction
Title: Christmas Dance
Author: Shafarah White
Beta: Susie Owens
Copyright: 2005-2006
Rating: G

Disclaimer: I do not own the The Real Ghostbusters or Elaine Furman. I only own my characters, Juilanna Raelynn and Carlton James Stantz.

It was a cold, winter day at the firehouse. The guys came back from the Humane Society where they had a bust. They captured three class-fives that were bothering the workers and animals.

This had taken a while, the guys had to split up going different directions looking for the ghosts. After the ghosts were caught, the workers thanked the guys and paid them for their services. Finally doing one last call, they had called Janine to make sure they had no more calls. She told them it has been quiet so they headed back.

Ray went down to put the ghosts in the containment unit while Winston was talking to Janine while handing her the checks to cash into the bank.

Egon went back up to his lab to continue to work on his project. When everything was put away; the guys went into the living room just to talk. Ray was telling them about the Christmas decorations at their home that they had put up and what the kids had been up to as well.

"The school is hosting a Christmas Dance. CJ and Jules asked if they can go, I said yes. Then I said we'll meet them there a little later if you guys want to go. I hope you guys will come." Ray said.

"Sure Ray, that sounds like fun. Count me in." Winston replied.

Peter added, "Yeah, me too." Then he turned to Egon, "What about you big guy, are you going to invite Janine?" he teased.

Egon blushed a little, then he nodded, "Of course, Peter."

Ray smiled gratefully, "Thanks, guys. I already told Elaine about it, she wants to go, too. She'll meet us there when she gets off. The dance is from 8:30 to 11:00." he said.

The rest of the day had gone smoothly and now it was time to go to the dance. Everyone was ready, and Elaine had gotten off from work.

Everyone had checked themselves one more time and they all headed out.

The dance was being held in the school gym. Ray looked around for his kids, he knew they were there somewhere. Mrs. Davis told him she would be glad to take them. He soon spotted them.

They were hanging around talking with their friends, having a good time. Some of the kids were dancing on the floor, Jules was talking to her friend Nicole. They were giggling together.

CJ and his friends were having one of their guy talks. They were enjoying some pizza before going on the dance floor.

"This is so awesome, the gym has a very nice feel to it." Nicole said, as they were watching Jules accepting a dance from Charlie.

"I agree, Nicole." Melissa replied.

CJ looked over at the dance floor to see Charlie and Jules dancing. He liked Charlie and knew his sister was safe with him.

"Hey CJ, isn't your parents and the rest of the Ghostbusters coming?" Ronnie asked, as he touched CJ to get his attention.

CJ nodded, "But I know. I'm having a good time anyway." As they all started laughing.

Jason was still chuckling a bit, "Yeah, whenever the Ghostbusters are."

CJ nodded and replied, "I know. I just hope Mom and Dad won't embarrass us. Especially Jules."

As the kids continue to talk, the guys arrived. CJ looked over then he said, "Hey, Ron, Jason, let's go say hi to my parents and the guys." Jason and Ronnie both nodded their heads as they followed CJ.

They all took off their coats and hung them up.

Winston looked around and said, "Wow! They did a good job transforming this place into a Winter Wonderland."

Ray nodded in agreement, "Yes, they sure did. Hey guys, CJ and his friends are coming over."

They all turned and noticed the boys coming towards them.

Jules and Charlie were taking a break from dancing. Then she also spotted her parents and the guys. "Hey everyone, Mom, Dad and the guys are here. Let's go talk to them and Melissa, I'm going to introduce you them!"

Melissa smiled and replied, "Cool, Jules! I can't wait to meet them, they sound so neat." as they headed over.

The small group hurried over where the adults were standing.

Winston smiled at them, "Hey kids. Are you enjoying the dance?"

Ronnie said, "Yes. We're certainly are."

Jason also agreed, "The dance is going smoothly. So we are having fun."

Jules then introduced Melissa to everyone. "Mom, Dad, this my new friend, Melissa. The one I told you about."

Ray smiled at her, "It's finally nice to meet you, Melissa."

Melissa also smiled as she greeted everyone, "It's a pleasure to finally meet everyone. Jules had told me a lot about you."

"Why thanks, Melissa." Ray said. "What are you guys going to do? If you don't mind, maybe we can join you."

"We're going to get some more punch. They also have cookies over the refreshment table. Then we're going on the floor to dance." CJ replied.

Jules also replied, "Sure, you can join us."

Peter said, "That sounds good, kids."

The DJ started to play a slow Christmas tune. Everyone started slow dancing. Jules and Charlie continued to dance with each other. CJ asked Nicole if she cared to dance, she nodded her head and together they went out on the floor.

Ronnie and Jason also found partners to dance with as well. Ronnie was dancing with Melissa and Jason was dancing with a girl named Maggie.

Egon took Janine's hand, "Janine, would you like to dance with me?"

Janine smiled, "Yes. I would love, too." Then they headed to the floor.

Ray took Elaine's hand in his as he kissed it. "Come on! I want to slow dance with you, My Cherie." he whispered romantically, that caused Elaine to giggle.

“Ray, you old smoothie! Let's go." she said, as she placed her hand in his too, as they both headed on the floor to dance.

Peter and Winston also got on the dance floor when two ladies invited them to dance and they gladly accepted.

The music played on as the evening continued CJ and Nicole were a little tired, so they decided to step off the floor to rest.

Soon some of the other kids started to follow suit until only Jules and Charlie remained on the floor with a few adults.

They continued to dance. The music was now playing softly and Jules whispered into Charlie's ear, "I think you're a pretty good dancer, Charlie. I'm glad that I got to dance with you."

She gave him a pretty smile that caused him to blush a deep shade of red. Charlie smiled back, "I think that you're a great dancer too, Jules. I also think that you're the prettiest." Jules blushed.

Then they decided to leave the floor since they danced for a long time. They decided to sit down at the table just watching the adults who was still on the floor.

Egon and Janine were still holding on to each other as they enjoyed each other's company. They also had enough dancing as they stepped off the floor.

Ray and Elaine continued to dance, Elaine looked up and noticed there was some mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. "Oh Ray, look up." she said.

Ray also noticed the mistletoe. Elaine batted her eyelashes, "Oh, Raymond." she whispered lovingly, as she was smiling at him.

Ray started blushing, then he also smiled and whispered, "Elaine." He took her into his arms and their lips touched as they started kissing passionately under the mistletoe that caused everyone in the gym to say, "Aw."

They both were smiling and blushed at the same time.

Soon they too decided to leave the floor; for they were tired from dancing. The others were sitting down at the tables as Ray and Elaine came up to them.

"Wasn't this a wonderful dance?" Janine asked.

Everyone was nodding in agreement. "Yes it was." Elaine replied, "I also enjoyed the mistletoe. I know Ray did, too. Right, Stud Muffin?" she asked, as she leaned over and gave Ray another kiss that made him twitch his mustache.

"That's right, Baby Cakes." he said, giving her one of his killer smiles.

The kids were now over at the next table, talking some more after getting some punch and cookies. It was a wonderful evening for them. They certainly were enjoying it.

The kids were enjoying each other's company and chatting, when Melissa looked up and noticed the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.

She turned to Jules, "Hey Jules, are you going to kiss Charlie under there?"

Jules blushed again, "Maybe, if he wants to."

"I think you should. I know you guys really like each other." Nicole grinned, as the girls started laughing.

Jules nodded, "Well, maybe. We'll see."

Just then, Charlie noticed that the girls were laughing looked over them. "Hey, Jules."

Jules looked at him, "Yes, Charlie?"

"Jules, did you have fun tonight?" He asked, with a shy look on his face.

Jules smiled, "Yes I did, Charlie. I had a wonderful time."

Charlie said, "Uh, Jules?"

"Yes, Charlie?"

"Have you noticed the mistletoe?"


Charlie started to blush and he felt hot around his collar. "May I, Uh what I mean is...May I kiss you under the mistletoe?"

Jules took Charlie's hand and together they walked over to the mistletoe, "I would be honored."

"Awe, look at Jules!" Janine called out, as everyone was looking over.

Elaine had to grin at that, "That's my daughter. She's growing up."

Ray was shaking his head, "A little too fast, if you ask me. All right, Charlie, that's enough. I know where to get a bucket of cold water."

The kiss soon ended and they both smiled at each other. Being concerned, Ray got up and walked over to them. "Alright Charlie, that's enough. My daughter needs to breathe."

Jules stared at her father and said in a angry voice, "Daddy! Stop embarrassing me in front of Charlie. I'm not a child anymore!"

Ray watched them returned to their table stunned because for the first time; he wasn't his daughter's number one guy. Sadly, he headed back to the adult table.

Jules glanced at her father for a moment, then she turned back to Charlie.

"Charlie, that was so awesome! I never felt this way before!"

Charlie blushed again, "Yeah it was. And I think that you're awesome too, Jules." he squeezed her hand as they headed back to the table together.

Once they sat down at the table, Melissa squealed, "You really like him, do you?"

Jules blushed a little and replied, "Yes I do. Charlie's a sweet guy."

"Way to go, girlfriend!" Nicole and Melissa cheered as the girls started giggling.

Jules felt her parents' eyes on her as she looked over them and saw that her mother and Janine were smiling at her. She smiled back at her mother, but she was still a little upset with her father.

Winston gave Ray a knowing look, "I really hope that you were kidding about that bucket of cold water."

Ray nodded, "No! I wasn't if they kept kissing like that, I would have. After all, she's only eleven and still my baby. And the no dating rule until she's 16 still stands." he replied firmly.

Jules heard him and before any of her friends could stop her, she walked over to the adults and faced her father. Her eyes were blazing.

"Daddy, will you stop embarrassing me!" Jules replied angrily, "I told you before, I'm not a little kid. Why can't you leave me be!" She started to cry as she ran out of the gym.

Ray stood up, he hadn't mean to hurt his daughter, "Jules, wait Honey! I didn't mean to hurt you." He started after her but Elaine touched him.

"No, maybe I better go, Ray. Honey, I love you, but sometimes you can be so clueless and right now Jules is upset with you."

She didn't wait for Ray to say anything; instead she headed out the gym to find her daughter.

Ray turned back to his friends and said sadly, "I did it again. Didn't I?"

Winston came over and placed his hand on his shoulder, "Yeah Ray, I think you did. I hope you can fix this before Christmas."

Elaine finally found her daughter sitting in the girl's bathroom crying. She went in, "Jules, are you okay?" she asked softly.

Jules nodded, "Why did Dad have to embarrass me like that? He knows that I'm not a little kid." She continued sobbing.

Elaine went over to her daughter and held her, "Julianna, you have to understand that your Dad loves you very much. He didn't mean to hurt and embrass you. He only wants the best for you and your brother. Sweetie, you're only 11; it's not time for you to be dating yet."

"I know Mom, I want to grow up. I just wished that Dad would try to understand." Jules said sadly. Her tears finally stopped as Elaine wiped them.

"I know Dear, but he's your father and he doesn't want you to be kissing like that now. So remember, he always going to love you no matter what." Elaine explained to her daughter while she gave her a hug.

Jules finally smiled, "Thanks Mom. I think I need to talk to Dad."

Elaine smiled back, "I'm glad that you're feeling better. Come on, let's get out of here." She kept her arm around her daughter as they headed out of the bathroom and back to the gym.

Ray was outside by the gym's door waiting for them, he felt guilty about what he said and he needed to apologize to his daughter.

So he came up to them, "Hi Jules, may I talk to you?" he asked softly. Jules nodded and went up to her father.

"Yes, Dad." she whispered solemnly.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I had embarrassed you. You do know that I love you very much and I wanted the best for you. I felt that you were not old enough to kissing like that, and you should wait until you're older. Do you forgive me?" he asked.

Jules shook her head, "Yes I do, Dad. I was a little hurt. I just wanted you to remember that I was growing up and I wanted a little more space." She gave him a small smile.

Ray smiled back, "I know, Sweetheart. But you got to give your dad time. You're only 11 and I'll give you a little space, but I will always keep an eye on you and your brother because you two are my world and I love you." He hugged and gave his daughter a kiss on her forehead. "Remember, I always going to love you no matter what. You and Charlie can be friends, but no dating until you're sixteen. Understand?"

Jules smiled again and nodded.

Elaine looked at the clock, "Hey, It's 9:45 so we got a little more than a hour to be here. So are you going back on the dance floor?" she asked.

Jules shook her head, "Yes I am. I'm feeling much better." she replied.

Her parents smiled at her as they returned to the gym. Nicole, Melissa, Charlie and her brother came over to her.

Hey Jules, are you okay know?" Melissa asked in concern.

Jules replied, "I am now."

Nicole gave her a smile, "Good, I'm glad."

"He was over doing it a little, but I do love my dad." Jules said.

CJ also replied, "Don't worry Jules. Dad loves us." Then he looked at Charlie and gave him a wink. "I think Charlie wants to dance with you again."

Jules grinned, "Thanks, guys." Then she went over and started to dance with him again.

The rest of the night went smoothly afterwards. Then it was 11:00 and the dance was over. Everyone put on their coats and headed out the door.

They were talking about how fun the dance was despite what happened earlier. Even Jules had a lovely time, she also forgave her Dad for embarrassing her.

Then she glanced at her father, "I love you, Daddy. I'm sorry that I got mad at you." she said, while she had given him a hug and a kiss.

Ray smiled, "I love you too, Princess."

"Thanks, Dad." Jules smiled in return.

Everyone said good bye and wished each other a Merry Christmas. And then went home.

The End.

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

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 Post subject: Re: Christmas Dance
PostPosted: December 25th, 2016, 9:59 am 
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you read this story and leave a comment or two on here. :D 8-)

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

 Post subject: Re: Christmas Dance
PostPosted: January 5th, 2017, 10:22 am 
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Nobody left a comment on this story and I'm so upset! :( :(

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

 Post subject: Re: Christmas Dance
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I completely relate.

I hope you won't give up--there's a lot of love and sweetness in your stories.


 Post subject: Re: Christmas Dance
PostPosted: January 8th, 2017, 4:14 pm 
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Don’t be upset. I think most people read without leaving a comment. That does not mean, that they don’t like what they see.
I have a tiny (really really really tiny) Youtube Channel. In very busy months I get about 1000 views but only about 10 comments (some of which are just spam). People tend to say nothing if they like what they get and to be veeeeery vocal when they dislike it. ;)

I am not too much into OC-Characters but I still like your stories. As Fritz said: They are very sweet.:)

 Post subject: Re: Christmas Dance
PostPosted: January 8th, 2017, 8:41 pm 
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thanks I feel much better know and I'm just going to keep writing and not give up. :D

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

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