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 Post subject: Thanksgiving story
PostPosted: November 24th, 2017, 12:41 am 
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his is a story that I wrote last year. Enjoy!

It was a cold day at the firehouse, since it was Thanksgiving. There weren't any calls today, so business was going to be very slow. So everyone decided to spend the holiday together.

Everyone was there talking and having a good time. The food was being prepared. Winston and Egon were chatting while Peter was talking to his girlfriend Babs, from the bowling alley. He decided to invite her to the firehouse for the holiday.

Only Ray wasn't there just yet, he had to do some errands. Janine was trying to stop Slimer from getting into the food.

They were laughing and talking together as they waited for Ray.

Slimer came in the room with a turkey leg and asked, "Where's, Ray?"

The little spud had always adored Ray.

Winston replied, "I talked to him earlier today. He says that he was picking up Aunt Lois. So be patient, spud."

"Okay, Winston." he said, as he floated away somewhere else.

Egon and Janine were talking. They were just enjoying the spirit of the holiday.

Meanwhile, CJ and Jules were in the living room playing Uno with Charlie while Elaine was talking to Janine and helping with the food. They were in the kitchen making sure that everything was in order as they were making the cake and pies for dessert after the turkey and other good stuff for supper.

Janine already warned Slimer to stay out of the way as they were finishing up. Peter had gotten up for a little bit as he went into the kitchen and try to have a sample.

"Hey ladies, Do you mind if I had a little taste of the angel food cake?" he asked, as he reached over and tried to take a piece of the cake; but Janine slapped his hand away that caused him to say, "Hey!"

"Don't you try sneaking any. Wait until everyone is here then you may have some, Dr. V. So just be patient." She said, as she stuck out her tounge at him.

Peter returned the gesture while Elaine started laughing, "Come on Peter, just wait. As soon as Ray gets here, we will eat."

Peter nodded, "Okay, I'm getting a little hungry. I just wish Ray would hurry up." he grumbled, as he exit the kitchen.

Egon looked up as Peter came back into the room. "I take it that you got your hand slapped for trying to sneak some cake?"

Peter gave him a look as he was still rubbing his hand, "Yes, and don't rub it in, Spengs." He snapped, as he went over where Babs was sitting at.

The door opened and Ray entered with Aunt Lois. "Hello Everybody, we're here!" he called. Once inside, he helped his aunt take off her coat.

The kids came down first to greet them, "Hey Dad, Hi Great-Aunt Lois." CJ said, giving his great-aunt a hug. Jules also gave her a hug.

Ray smiled, "Hey kids, how are you doing? Hi, Charlie!"

"Hi, sir. Thank you for inviting me."

"You're welcome."

Just then, Winston came in the room where Ray, Aunt Lois and the kids were. "Hi Ray, Aunt Lois. Glad to see you that you made it."

Aunt Lois smiled, "Thank you, Winston. I didn't want to spend Thanksgiving all by myself. So I was glad when Ray called and said he was coming to get me."

"Hey Winston, where's Elaine and Janine?" Ray asked.

"They are in the kitchen finishing up on the food. They are making the pies and cakes so soon as they are ready, we will eat."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't try to sneak any cake just yet, as I got slapped on the hand by Janine." Peter added, as he and Egon came in the room.

Egon nodded then he turned to Aunt Lois, "Hello, how have you been doing?" as he gave her a warm hug.

Lois smiled again. "I'm doing fine, no more ghosts in my house."

Ray decided to go into the kitchen to see about the food. He went inside, smelling the aroma as the food was being set out. Then he saw the turkey. He went over and was trying to take a piece of it. But his hand got slapped by Elaine. "Ouch!"

"Not yet, dear. We have to get everything set on the table first, then you may have some turkey." Elaine said, as she ruffled her husband's hair.

"Yeah," Janine agreed, "We worked pretty hard on the cooking. Now that you're here, we can eat."

As they started putting the food on the table. A while later, Janine had came to the living room announcing that it was time for dinner, so everyone sat down to eat. At the table, everyone was eating while chatting with one another.

"This is awesome!" Ray confirmed, as he was eating and occasionally throwing some tidbits to Slimer who kept begging for leftovers.

"Yes it is. Good job, ladies." Winston approved. The kids enjoyed it as well.

"Yeah Mom, it was very good." CJ replied.

"You outdid yourself, Mom," said Jules. "Oh and you too, Aunt Janine."

"Thanks Winston, Ray, kids." Elaine said.

When they had eaten more turkey and the other good food, they had gotten full. After supper, the guys did the dishes, while the girls played a game of cards. Time flew and it was time for dessert; there were cakes and pies on the tables as everyone had start serving themselves.

Slimer even had his own pie so he wouldn't have to beg to the others for some. After a while, everyone was full and happy as they all helped to clear off the table.

"Wow, this was a real good meal and dessert!" Peter exclaimed as they all started to clean up.

Lois nodded her head in agreement, "Yes it was, you girls did a wonderful job." She smiled at the both of them.

Elaine smiled back, "Thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it." she said.

"I'm also glad that you liked it." Janine replied, "The only hard part of cooking was keeping certain hands off the food when we were trying to cook." Then after that, the food was put away.

The kids continued to play their Uno game and the guys decided to watch a football game on TV, while the ladies were having their girl talk. After a long time, it was 11:30 and Thanksgiving was almost over. Ray stood up, "Well, this had been a very nice Thanksgiving, I'm very thankful for my wonderful friends and family!" He declared in gratitude.

Everyone nodded in agreement as Ray and his family were about to head out for the night. He turned and said, "We should do this again next year, Good Night guys, See you later." as they left, Winston called out, "Goodnight, Everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!"

"Yeah, we're going to do this next year, it will be fun." said Peter.

"I agree. And next year, you and Egon will cook the dinner." Janine pointed out.

It had been a wonderful Thanksgiving. And they all knew that they will do this again next year.

The End

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