Valentine's Day
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Author:  SuperStantzio [ February 14th, 2018, 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Valentine's Day

At Honey's restaurant Ray and Elaine were sitting down at their table along with Winston and Jenny. They were waiting on their food and listened to the music that the restaurant was playing. Ray took her to this restaurant for Valentine's day as a gift for Elaine and Winston wanted to take Jenny here, too.

"Thanks for my Valentine's day gifts, Ray." Elaine said as she opened an box that has a gift card to Vicky's and a V-day card inside. She looked happy with her gifts and she leaned over and gave Ray a kiss on the lips leaving pink lipstick smudges. Ray blushed and replied "You're welcome, Sweetie."

Jenny cooed "Aww, this is so cute, Winston. Thank you for my Valentine's day gifts." She placed her arms around Winston and gave him a kiss on the lips that made him turn red.

"You're welcome, Jenny." Winston replied as their food finally came and they started eating enjoying the holiday. After dinner, they ordered dessert and they also got some chocolate covered raspberries and they enjoyed them.

"Thanks for our Gifts, guys, We really enjoyed them." Jenny said as they were about to get ready to go home Ray and Winston paid the bills for dinner and dessert.

"You're welcome, ladies." Ray said as they headed out the door and get into the cars and drive home. They would do this again next year.

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