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 Post subject: Winston's a Daddy
PostPosted: August 27th, 2020, 12:07 pm 
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Later, Jenny and Winston returned from their honeymoon and everyone welcomed them back. Ray gave Winston a hug saying, "Welcome back, Winston. How was it?"

Winston smiled, "It was awesome. Look what Jenny gave me." He then pulled down on the right of his shirt and there was a hickey on his neck.

Ray's eyes got big, "Woah, that is awesome. Elaine gave me a hickey, too." He then pulled on the left side of his shirt and showed Winston the hickey that Ray got from Elaine.

"Cool," Winston continued to smile at him. Jenny told about their time at the hotel for their honeymoon and greeted the others who came through the firehouse to welcome them back.

"Welcome back, Big Z!" Peter greeted him and gave him a hug. "I take it that you guys had a good time there?" He then winked at him.

Winston grinned, "Yep. We sure did have a good time there--lots of music, a waterfall, and some activities. Jenny and I have some good news to share with everyone."

A short while later everyone was sitting down and eating Papa John's pizza.. Winston stood up and rang the bell announcing," I have some good news; today I went with Jenny to her doctor's appointment and they told us that we're going to have triplets!"

Everyone looked at Winston and Jenny with surprise and they all gathered around and gave them big hugs.

"That's excellent, Winston!" Egon said.

"Awesome!" Ray cried out with excitement.

"I'm very proud of you and Jenny," Janine said giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Elaine did the same thing, "We'll support Jenny during her pregnancy and pray that you guys have a healthy and safe delivery of your babies. I remember like it was yesterday I was in the hospital and gave birth to Jules and CJ it was a least six hours before the kids came out of my stomach and into my arms."

Nine months later....

Jenny looked like that she was going to pop anytime since her stomach was so big carrying three babies. She did go through the morning sickness thing, but Winston put up with it since he loved her and was trying to make her comfortable during her pregnancy.

The guys where over at their place since they wanted to spend time with Jenny and Winston.

Peter asked, "Are you ready for this, Jenny?"

Jenny nodded, while she placed her head against Winston's chest. "Yes, I am ready for it and I cannot wait to see what our babies look like!"

Winston nodded in agreement, "Me, too. I always wanted to be a daddy. My parents told me that I would be a great daddy one day."

The guys nodded their heads and continued talking until Jenny tried to get up and felt sharp pains coming from her stomach.

Winston looked worried, "What is it, sweetie?"

“I THINK IT'S TIME RIGHT NOW!!!" Jenny yelled.

The guys got into the car; Winston wanted to be next to his wife, so Ray drove to the hospital.

Soon they got there, Winston put Jenny into a wheelchair and pushed her to the front desk.

"I need to get my wife down to the maternity ward, now!" Winston said in a nervous voice.

The nurse replied, "Calm down, Mr. Zeddemore, someone will be there in a minute. In the meantime just sign the per-admitance paper."

"Thanks," Winston said with relief as he signed the paper. A minute later, someone came for Jenny and pushed her down the hallway. Winston followed but he turned to the guys to make sure they were okay.

"Take care of your wife, Winston," Egon said.

"Good luck!" Ray and Peter called.

Winston gave the guys a grin and walked down the hallway.

Twelve hours later, Ray was dozing off, Peter was sleeping on the couch, and Egon was reading a book. Winston came busting out into the waiting room yelling, "Yahoo! My kids are here. Two girls and a boy I'm a daddy!"

The Guys looked surprised and then gave Winston high fives and hugs.

"Congratulations!" Egon said.

"Cool!" Peter exclaimed.

"That's awesome!" Ray said as he placed an arm around Winston.

"Would you guys like to see the new babies?" Winston requested.

All the guys said yes and followed Winston down to Jenny's room

Jenny was resting with the new babies in her arms the babies were already fed and burped.

The door opened quietly and Ray cooed, "Aww, They are so cute, Winston. What are their names?"

Winston explained, "The baby in Jenny's left arm is named Savannah Jacqueline. The baby in Jenny's right arm is named Christopher Lawrence. And the baby in my arms is another girl named Katherine Marjorie."

"Wow, Winston, You and Jenny made some adorable babies. Is it me or Vanna and Chris look just like Jenny?" Peter asked.

"That's right they both look like their Mom," Winston grinned, "Katie on the other hand looks more like me with dark brown hair and hazel eyes."

"Wow, that is great, Winston," Ray grinned as he continued looking at the triplets.

Winston pulled Ray to the side and whispered to him, "Hey Ray, I'm making you and Elaine the godparents of the kids. You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not Winston," Ray nodded his head. "We don't mind at all. I'm going to call Elaine and tell her about it."

"Thanks, Ray," Winston said hugging him again.

A few days later, after Jenny and the triplets came home from the hospital; the new Zeddemore family were enjoying the day with family and friends everyone was passing Vanna, Chris, and Katie around holding and cooing over them.

"Congratulations, Winston," Big Ed said as he was holding Chris in his arms. "You made your Mom and I very proud of you. Now we have three little blessings to spoil now."

"Thanks, Dad," Winston smiled as he saw Jenny and Allison holding Vanna and Katie in their arms cooing and talking to the baby girls.

Then Lucille and Christian got their turn to hold the babies they smiled at them and Lucille said, "Katie definitely looks like a Zeddemore! And Vanna and Chris look like Changs!"

The end

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