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One winter day, the guys got out of Ecto-1. Peter decided to take the ghosts down to the containment unit while Egon was checking his email; Janine snuck behind him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Egon blushed while he kissed her back. Winston and Ray sat on the couch in the living room talking to one another.

"Man, I cannot wait for the holidays--we're going to have a Christmas party at our house and everyone's invited." Winston said happily.

Ray smiled back, "That sounds great. My family and I are going to come over, and can I bring three of my cats with us?"

"Yeah, sure. Which of your cats are you going to bring over?" Winston asked.

Ray thought for a moment before replying "I'm going to bring over Fluffy, Princess and Lucky."

"That sounds good, Ray. Is there anything I need to know about them?" Winston wondered.

"Well, Fluffy is extremely affectionate; she loves everyone, lets anyone pet her, dress her in baby clothes, and sits on laps. Princess is the same as Fluffy, if she doesn't want to be bothered she'll either hiss or swipe her paw at you. When she does that; it's best that you leave her alone. Lucky is also extremely affectionate but he doesn't like to be dressed in baby clothes. He wants you to pet him. He also sits on laps but don't pull on his tail." Ray warned.



"Why not?" Winston asked.

"He will scream if someone pulls on his tail--CJ did that once; Lucky screamed, hissed and swiped at him with his paw. CJ now leaves him alone so he wouldn't do that again." Ray said as he was getting ready to go
home. Winston looked at the clock on Janine's desk and also was getting ready to go home. After saying good night to Peter, Egon, Janine and Slimer Ray and Winston got into their cars and pulled off to go to their homes.

After Ray and Winston separated on Christopher Street Ray kept driving home and 10 minutes later, he pulled up and went inside his house. Ray hung up his coat and hat, then greeted Elaine--who was cooking—with a kiss on her neck.

"Hi Sweetie; how was your day?" Elaine greeted as she kissed Ray in return.

Ray explained "Fine but long. What's for dinner?"

Elaine smiled, "Pot roast, rice, broccoli and biscuits; and for dessert, cake!"

"Sounds good. Where are the kids?" Ray asked.

"CJ is over Ronnie's house; Jules is in her room talking on the phone and playing with the cats. Dinner will be ready soon and CJ will be home in a while," Elaine explained as she checked on the various foods.

Soon, dinner was ready. CJ was back from Ronnie's house just in time,and Jules came downstairs before washing her hands after playing with the cats. Everyone had their plates full of food and they sat together while talking and eating at the same time.

Ray said to Elaine, "Tomorrow, we're going over to Winston's house for a Christmas party and kids, you can bring three cats with us."

Elaine was excited, "That sounds wonderful, Ray. I hope there will be some mistletoe so I can kiss you under there." She gave him a wink that made him start blushing.

Ray who was still red in the face told her, "Yes. There's going to be some mistletoe, Winston told me."

Part 2

"Alright, that's great!" Elaine said as she finished with her plate. She asked the family who was ready for some cake and everyone put their hands up. Elaine went into the kitchen and brought out a cake covered in vanilla frosting.

Jules, CJ, and Ray helped themselves to the pieces of cake so did Elaine as well. After dinner, the family cleaned up the kitchen and CJ took out the garbage. For the rest of evening, they played with the Nintendo Switch, fed the cats, and read until it was time for them to go to bed.

The next morning was Christmas. Jules and CJ got up first to see the gifts they had gotten from their parents, and started opening them until Ray and Elaine woke up.

"Merry Christmas, Kids!" Ray exclaimed as he and Elaine watched the kids finish opening gifts.

Jules listened to her new CD player. "Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad. We like our gifts very much and thank you so much for them." After that, they threw away all the wrapping paper.

The cats, meanwhile got a bag of cat toys and treats for their Christmas gifts, they liked the presents, but being cats they liked the wrapping paper more . After the gifts were opened and fed the cats their breakfast.

After opening all the presents and feeding the cats, the Stantz family got ready to go over Winston's house for the Christmas party. Jules and CJ put Fluffy, Princess and Lucky in their cages and brought them along.

20 minutes later, Ray pulled up in Winston's driveway and the family got out of the car. CJ rang the doorbell five times when Winston answered. "Merry Christmas, guys--come on in. CJ, next time you ring the bell, only once or twice."

Winston then showed them where to put their coats, boots and hats at. He introduced his in-laws to Ray and his family. "This is Hannah, Caroline, Elizabeth, David, Walter, and Robert. The Triplets' aunts and uncles."

They all said hello and started talking to Ray and Elaine. Jules and CJ took the cats out of their cages; Fluffy jumped on the couch and promptly lay down to clean herself. Princess and Lucky explored the place while they heard Vanna, Katie and Chris cooing and laughing. They crawled over to the cats and tried to grab them until Jules said, " No Vanna, Chris and Katie. If you guys want to pet them you have to do it gently."

The Triplets looked at the cats and started to pet them gently, until Jenny came in the living room. "Hey Jules, I see you got the Triplets to be nice to the cats you guys brought over."

"Thanks, Aunt Jenny." Jules smiled then the doorbell rang and Jenny went to answer it. It was Big Ed and Lucille, Egon and Janine, Christian and Allison and Peter and Babs.

"Merry Christmas, all! Come on in." Jenny said.

A little while later, Elaine spotted the mistletoe hanging in the living room. She called Ray over and stood under it. When he got to her, Elaine stroked his cheek and said "I love you, Ray." wrapping her arms around Ray's neck and gave him a big kiss.

Ray blushed again while smiling, "I love you too, Elaine." Ray pulled her close to him and they started kissing there for a while.

Everyone cheered and said, "Aww."

Big Ed said, "That's a Kodak moment!" He then took a picture of Ray and Elaine under the mistletoe.

Part 3 final part

After that, Jenny and Winston went under the mistletoe. Jenny wrapped her arms around Winston's neck saying "I love you, Winston." she then gave him a kiss on his lips.

Winston started blushing while his eyes changed from green to blue. "I love you, too Jenny." They kept kissing under there; everyone cheered them on. Big Ed took another picture of them while Peter tried to sit on the couch where Princess was at; she hissed, and swiped at him with her paw.

"Yikes!" Peter shrieked as she finished hissing and swiping at him. Ray came over and saw what happened and told him to leave Princess alone.

CJ and Jules were playing with their Nintendo DSes while the Triplets watched them. Vanna tried to grab it, but CJ said, "Sorry Vanna, you have to wait until you're older."

Vanna looked at him for a moment then burst into tears. Winston picked her up asking, "What's the matter, little lady? CJ won't let you play with his DS?" Vanna nodded her head and Winston asked, "CJ, can you let Vanna look at your DS? I mean she won't damage it." CJ nodded his head and let Vanna see it.

Peter came over to Winston, "Great party, Winston. Are your eyes blue?" he questioned.

Winston nodded his head. "Yeah, they once in a while they change to blue, most of the time my eyes are green. Sometimes they turn gray; it depends on my moods. Katie's eyes do the same thing, too. I got my hazel eyes from my Mom, and my brother did too. My sister has brown eyes from Dad. Katie got her eye color from me and they changed colors, too."

"Cool," Peter said as he went to get some food and sat down next to Babs at the table.

A little while later...

Everyone was still talking to one another; Egon and Janine were making out. The Triplets fell asleep so Jenny got them undressed and into their pj's. Fluffy, Princess and Lucky were asleep on the couch.

Egon stopped kissing Janine for a moment and said, "Janine, I have something for you. Come under the mistletoe with me." Janine nodded her head and followed him. When they reached under the mistletoe, Egon took her hand and said, "Janine, I've loved you more than anything in this world. I cared about you a lot and you mean the world to me. So will you please be my wife?" Egon asked as he pulled out a small box with a ring in it.

"Yes!" Janine shouted as Egon put the ring on her finger. She gave him a kiss and Egon blushed a lot and the guys clapped for them.

The End

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

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