Winston's First Father's Day
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Author:  SuperStantzio [ July 13th, 2021, 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Winston's First Father's Day

One day, when Winston came home from the firehouse, he greeted Jenny his wife and she told him that the triplets were taking a nap in the nursery, so up they went and carefully opened the door, they went over to the triplets who were slowly beginning to wake up and started cooing and smiling. Jenny and Winston smiled back at the kids, Winston greeted them softly.

"Hey Kids, did you all have a nice nap?"

Vanna, Katie and Chris cooed contently while Jenny took Katie into her arms and Winston took Vanna and Chris into his arms. They sat down on the chairs in the nursery, beginning to rock the triplets.

Katie, Vanna and Chris continued to stare in their parent's eyes and gave them big smiles again while Jenny and Winston returned the smiles.

"This is wonderful, we have three kids together and I love being a Daddy." Winston thought while tears were rolling down his face, he became a little emotional since his children were born and he always wanted to be a daddy. Him and Jenny got that wish to be parents.

They got that wish and now they are parents to one month old triplets despite being up half the night with the kids they enjoy being parents to them.

"I thank the Lord everyday for Vanna, Katie and Chris and you, Jenny. This is the best Father's Day, ever!" Winston said excitedly.

"Really? I'm glad for you, too. I love you, Winston Ramsey Zeddemore!" Jenny said as she bent over and gave him a kiss.

"I love you too, Jennifer Elizabeth Zeddemore." Winston replied as he blushed a bit. He then gave all the triplets a kiss on their cheeks.

The End

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