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PostPosted: August 24th, 2012, 12:18 am 
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For awhile now its been debated if the first air times for The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! were correct. After talking about this with Paul Rudoff and a few others, it is safe to say that from Season 5 (Abc season 4) -Season 7 (Abc season 6) that the air times are not right at all. Same goes for Slimer! show.Image

Anyways, I am looking support for this project. To read more and see what has so far been added:

I want to thank Fritz for his recent support of this project. :D


PostPosted: August 24th, 2012, 9:39 am 
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(Moved to the Animation forum)

To repeat some of what I wrote on the GBwiki:

I'd known the dates in the log I'd started keeping in 1988 didn't match, especially in the 1989 season, but other than using "my" order in the Timeline, and a discussion in PMs with Miss Janine (who'd noticed the same thing I had) decided not to make any fuss about it. I mean, who's gonna believe a nerd with notes over, right?

Well, obviously, now that ozzy and mrmichaelt brought it up, it was time to talk.

This is what my notes said. I didn't keep track of the Slimer cartoons because I thought they sucked and hated them. If a block doesn't add up to a whole hour, there were Slimer cartoons and/or reruns involved.

1988 Season:

910: "The Joke's On Ray"
917: "Flipside"
924: "Poultrygeist"
(1001: A rerun of "Slimer, Is That You?" It would, as I recall, air here every time in the rotation all year)
1008: "Standing Room Only"
1015: "Robo Buster"
1022: "Short Stuff"
(No idea about 1029)
1105: "Follow That Hearse"
(No idea about 1112)
1119: "The Brooklyn Triangle"

1989 Season

Yeah, here's the cluster. If a day's worth doesn't add up to an hour, it's because part of it (usually the last part) was comprised of a reruns, often of Slimer episodes

909: "Trancendental Tourist", "Something's Going Around"
916: "Trading Faces", "Elementary, My Dear Winston"
923: "Slimer's Curse", "Partners In Slime"
930: "Til Death Do Us Part"
1007: "Three Men And An Egon"
1014: "Kitty Cornered"
1021: "If I Were A Witch Man"
1028: "It's About Time"
1029: "The Halloween Door"
1104: "Jailbusters"
1111: "Surely You Joust", "Future Tense"
1118: "Venk-Man!"
1125: "Loose Screws"
1202: "The Ghostbusters Live From Al Capone's Tomb"
1209: "Revenge of the Ghost Master"
1216: "Slimer Streak"
1223: "The Ransom of Greenspud"

I can also add support from a PM I got once from Rose Prevost/"Miss Janine", when the issue came up in our discussions once:

<subject>Re: Great find (I think!)</subject>
<sender>Miss Janine</sender>
<date>March 12th, 2008, 6:32 pm</date>
<message>OK, here's what I have: Sept 9 89 Transcendental Tourists Something's Going Around 9/16/89 Trading Faces Elementary, My Dear Winston 9/23/89 Slimer's Curse Partners In Slime 9/30/89 Till Death Do Us Part 10/7/89 Three Men and An Egon 10/14/89 Kitty-Cornered 10/21/89 If I Were A Witch Man 10/28/89 It's About Time 10/29/89 (Sunday) The Halloween Door (I even have the original TV Guide ad for this ep) 11/4/89 Jailbusters 11/11/89 Surely You Joust Future Tense 11/18/89 Venk-Man! 11/24/89 Loose Screws 12/2/89 Live From Al Capone's Tomb 12/9/89 Revenge of the Ghostmaster 12/16/89 Slimer Streak 12/23/89 The Ransom of Greenspud In other words, you were pretty much on the nose.</message>
- <privmsg>

1990 Season

Once again, if it doesn't add up to an hour, reruns were involved

908: "Janine, You've Changed", "You Can't Teach An Old Ghost New Tricks"
915: "The Haunting of Heck House", "Ghostworld"
922: "Mean Green Teen Machine", "Spacebusters"
929: ""My Left Fang"
1006: "Russian About", "The Slob"
1013: "Deja Boo" (Hourlong)
1020: "Afterlife In the Fast Lane"
1027: "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?"
1103: "Stay Tooned"
1110: "Very Beast Friend"
1117: "Busters In Toyland"
1124: "The Magnificent Five"

1991 Season

907: "The Treasure of the Sierra Tamale"
914: "Not Now, Slimer"
921: "Attack Of The B-Movie Monsters"
(Nothing listed on 928, believed to have been preempted that week)
1005: "20,000 Leagues Under The Street"


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