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Erik Burnham mentioned this on a post on GBFans:

Real Ghostbusters Omnibus, Volume 1

Publication Date: November 6, 2012 | Series: The Real Ghostbusters
Forget Egon's rules - the streams have been crossed, the dead have risen, and a free-roaming apparition is part of the gang! It's The Real Ghostbusters, ladies and gentlemen, and in this first volume omnibus collection you can score issues #1-14 of the classic NOW comics series. Be there as Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston keep doing what they do. After all, they ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Missing some--or all--of those legendary stories by James Van Hise, John Tobias, and others? Or maybe you find reading them on and GBFans not nearly as satisfying as having an actual book in your hands? You've just hit the jackpot!

Issues 1-14 would feature the following stories:

"The Counter Clock Crime" (RGB #1-2) Time travelling criminals in hippie clothes send the Ghostbusters to an alternate dimension. Learn the secret of The Slug and Captain Nemo's lost ship the Nautilus

RGB#3: Venkman gets to wear a hundred pounds of peanut butter to try and stop a swamp monster.

"Ghost Gangsters" (RGB#4) Julio Ramanajaan opens up Ceasar Caldoni's vault, and finds nothing. Or so it seems, as soon enough ectoplasmic gangsters are shooting up New York City.
(GBOT fan fic bonus: Julio Ramanajaan recently appeared in "Toy Soldiers". Just like Geralod Rivera, the character he was clearly based on, he works for Fox "News")

"The Werewolf" (RGB#5) Ninjas use a werewolf to rob banks. But as you might expect, there's more to the story.

"Video Nasties" (RGB#6) Continues from "The Werewolf" as strange things start happening at WAKO.

"The Secret Empire" (RGB#7) The Ghost Gangsters are back, and they've got a new ally. Fortunately, so do the Ghostbusters--the Crime Patrol!

"Toad Island" (RGB#8) The Deep Ones are kidnapping tourists. Their motives are very...amorous. The Ghostbusters investigate, and it becomes very personal when Janine becomes a potential fish bride. (Hell no Egon ain't letting that happen)
(GBOT fan fic bonus: The GBWC story "Where In The World Is Chelsea Aberdeen?" borrows very heavily from this issue)

"The Father Thing Trilogy" (RGB#9-11) The high water mark of the entire series, as a decades-long conspiracy hatched by the demon Astorath and the necromancer Nathaniel Blaque is coming to a head--the fate of the world depends on Astorath's daemonseed, Shannon Phillips.
(GBOT fan fic bonus: Nathaniel Blaque has made numerous appearances in Ectozone stories, including "Chronicles of Gozer" and "Toy Soldiers")

"A Cat Named Tarantula" (RGB#12) Evil wizards plot to kidnap a chess-playing cat...the familiar of the Prince of Warlocks.
(GBOT fan fic bonus: Phineus Eventide appeared in "The Zodiac Imperative")

"Blizzard Queen" (RGB#13) A "missing link" threatens to bury Buffalo with even more snow than it usually gets.

"The Lost And The Lonely" (RGB#14) Ray goes to his junior high reunion, but it's a trap set by the Soul Catcher.

I have all these comics, but I'm planning to get it anyway. Because if this sells, we get Volume 2, which would presumably be issues 15-28. Spike! "Louis is sweet, but he's harmless"! "War at the Earth's Core"! The third acts of Samhain and the Boogieman! Egon and Janine's team up in RGB#28!


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