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Fritz Finally Gets Off His Ass And Babbles About Ghostbusters #20 (Vol.2 #4)

So where were we? Oh yeah, the Real Ghostbusters are back, but not out of danger--Kylie is still dealing with Janosz, who is somehow deep into the cause of this little situation.

The first page gives us some background on "The Collectors"--the four glowy guys we've been calling "The Peoplebusters" (because they look like Schoening-caricature versions of the critters from "Flip Side")--enter bargains. For the low, low price of your sanity and your soul, they can take away anybody you want them to, and they never escape.

Until now.

The ECTO-1, Winston's red Mustang, Janine's pink Volkswagen, and a taxi cab pull up to Parkview Hospital, and seven Ghostbusters--Classic flavor and New flavor--get out. They've obviously been back to GBCentral, because there's proton packs for everybody, Winston's in his flight suit, and Egon and Venkman are in their dark GB2-esque "backup" flight suits, since Janine and Melanie are wearing their "normal" ones, respectively. The cabbie insults Ron for not being a "Real Ghostbuster" even though, of course, he's actually dressed like one.

It's kind of funny, actually: this means that the Ghostbusters have a bare minimum of eight proton packs--one for each of the seven Ghostbusters seen wearing them in this issue (Janine still in Ron's goofy gadget from last issue), plus the one Ray was wearing when he was abducted (which he and Egon blew up to create the dimensional portal)--but Egon and Venkman have to break out the black suits. You'd think they'd keep more extra jump suits than they do proton packs--they're certainly a lot cheaper ($39.99 on!)

So they try to enter the hospital, but Peoplebusters Egon ("Cadaver") and Winston ("Deadmore") attack; they're driven off, but not before Melanie comes up with a notable observation: Deadmore went for Winston even though Venkman was right next to him. The Peoplebusters only seem to be interested in the Ghostbuster they've taken on the mocking visage off.

So after that, the team splits up. As we all know, they can do more damage that way.

Blah blah blah... unnecessary mentions of Louis and the Chicago cipher...blah blah blah...

As another interesting aside, everybody goes off with their "color matches" from NGB#1's cover--Egon with Ron, Janine with Venkman, Melanie with Winston. Ray's the exception--he stays with Egon and Ron--but his "match" is Kylie, who's already in the hospital.

On the one hand, it might seem kind of odd that Janine lets Egon out of her sight so quickly after last issue, but then again, Venkman picks on her about Roger, and maybe he has a point. She can't really do a lot of thinking about it at this point, but the poor woman's got to be dealing with all sorts of emotional turmoil right now. It'll be fun to watch this unspool over the next few issues. "Deman" tries to attack Venkman, but as Janine's pretty pissed at this point, gets driven off pretty quick.

Right around then, Kylie hears something interesting from Janosz--the Collectors cannot be stopped from chasing the Ghostbusters because "Their names are still on the wall"

The various Ghostbusters get through; Ray, Egon, and Ron drive off Cadaver and "Stifz", Ron being a jerkass the whole way, while Melanie and Winston have a more productive meeting with Deadmore, catching him in a trap. Ron then takes his life into his own hands by trying to flirt with Janine, though she just growls and walks off. Sorry, Ron, I know she shagged the last guy to wear one of Egon's jump suits, but the writer of this story isn't going to make that same ass-stupid mistake.

So, as everything's getting tense, Kylie's got it figured out. The Collectors take the sanity and soul of their summoner, right? But it's become clear that there's more than one voice in Janosz Poha's head...somebody is trying to use a little loophole: He gets what he wants, the Ghostbusters get Collected, and it's Janosz who pays with his sanity. Kylie points this out to him.

Janosz, bless his screwed-up heart, has his Moment of Awesome...he takes control of his body just long enough to change the runes...the Collectors change mocking caricatures of Idulnas, would-be reviver of Gozer the Gozarian, from Ghostbusters, the previous #1-4. So the Collectors, now no longer Peoplebusters but Idulnasbusters, drag him out of Janosz and cart him off, kicking, screaming, and no doubt using all sort of language that wouldn't have made it onto ABC Saturday morning.

So...all's well that ends well. Janosz is crazy, but he was crazy anyway--this ensures, perhaps, that it will take another fifteen plus years to put his psyche back together, making him sane again sometime around 2010. For some reason, that sounds about right...

So Venkman asks..."What are we gonna do with this many Ghostbusters?"

Oh great...I remember when Professor Xavier asked a similar question...

I can see it now: the less popular characters get kept in this book, which will be retitled "Uncanny Ghostbusters", while the more popular ones get an all new "Ghostbusters #1". And Slimer will be on both teams.

Anyway, on to the backup:

Well, Samhain ain't Samhain--he's the Ghostbusters' other three-time (if you count the Now Comics run) repeat villain, the Boogeyman. And he's up to something. He gets his jollies on fear, after all, and by posing as the likes of Sam he scares the crap out of other ghosts--then eats them. Kind of funny he has to pose as Sam to scare people though--I guess if you're a ghost, a dude with a giant head and goat hooves just isn't as pants-crapping as the Lord of Halloween.


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