Tobin Spirit Guide by Insight Editions
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Author:  Fritz [ June 28th, 2016, 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Tobin Spirit Guide by Insight Editions

So has anyone else got this yet? It showed up at my comic shop last week, and since I didn't have any other books come out last week, I was easily able to spend the $20 to get it.

It's written by IDW's Erik Burnham, from the point of view that it's Ray and Egon writing it as a sort of "simplified" version of the guide for the more casual modern reader. I admit my favorite entries were the ones such as Cthulhu and Wat, which basically establish that the RGB episodes associated with them more or less happened in the IDW universe.

Artwork is by Kyle Hotz, who drew Burnham's very first Ghostbusters story, the two-issue "Infestation" tie in, and is once again quite good. If Hotz had been born sixty years earlier he would have been right at home in the EC bullpen; as many of their books blended humor and horror, that also makes a pretty good Ghostbusters artist.

Though I admit I do feel a bit bad for Tristan Jones--he pushed for a book like this for a long time, was told it couldn't be done, and then it was...after he'd made too many other commitments to be involved.

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