Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]
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Author:  Fritz [ May 27th, 2017, 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

Oops..forgot to put this up: ... s101_03-pr

Author:  nikki [ May 28th, 2017, 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

My thoughts about this issue:

Loved Winston and Patty talking about the weirdness of Egon and Holtzmann. 

Also loved Abby's response to all the equipment, and the special appearances by RGB Egon and Peter. Curious about what the ATC team will think about Jenny. I hope they don't try and bust her.

Not sure how I feel about Janine's kiss with Egon in Volume #2 happening thanks to the yellow slime she was covered in. At least it now excuses her from any accusations of cheating on Roger with Egon, but I still would rather one of the very few gestures of affection between them be genuine and not slime-enhanced. Ah, well. It does make sense, I suppose. 

There are only 3 more issues to go, which seems like it's not enough. I feel like there should be more issues with a cast list as big as this one. 

Author:  Fritz [ May 29th, 2017, 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

nikki wrote:
My thoughts about this issue:

<<spoiler removed because this buggy code is starting to suck>>

There are only 3 more issues to go, which seems like it's not enough. I feel like there should be more issues with a cast list as big as this one. 

Seriously? I'm once again behind in my reading and only skimmed it so far. Stuff like this is probably why I don't read it the moment I get home anymore.

Maybe if they attribute the massive character derailment of GB2 to something similar, as fans have done for the last twenty-eight years, will I start to buy this idea.

Author:  nikki [ May 29th, 2017, 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

Yeah, it's in the 101 Class Notes.

Yellow slime temporarily heightens any emotion you're already experiencing, so it enhanced whatever she was feeling about Egon at the time.

I figure if she didn't have the slime all over her she'd probably have hugged him like she did at the end of volume #3 instead of going in for a kiss, but who knows.

That it is now debateable is a real shame. I was kinda thinking that that kiss would have been the first canonical kiss between them both in the GB Prime universe, but I suppose that's screwed that idea up.

I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is becoming more and more difficult with IDW these days.


Author:  Fritz [ May 29th, 2017, 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

I admit, I'm a little underwhelmed by the whole "if a slime is x-color, it does this" idea. I quite enjoyed the first few years of Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern, but ectoplasm doesn't have to be color-coded like Lantern rings.

I guess I'm just being cranky and out of step again, but it just doesn't work well for me.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but at this point...if the rest of GB101 doesn't do something I find mind-blowingly awesome (and no, it doesn't have to involve some long overdue development in the obvious area) I may just drop it all when this mini is done. I think it's going in some directions I'm not really sure I like, with potentially interesting ideas (yeah, including in the obvious area) never paying off (hello gris-gris!!!) and a constantly bloating cast pushing the ones I care about most further and further into the background. (And I say this as someone who followed the Legion of Super Heroes for twenty years...)

Author:  ghostdiva [ May 29th, 2017, 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

Fritz, All I got to say is this:

"Sure took ya long enough!"

Author:  Fritz [ May 30th, 2017, 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

ghostdiva wrote:
Fritz, All I got to say is this:

"Sure took ya long enough!"

I know, I know...but I like the creators, and they're obviously having a blast doing this book. That enthusiasm is infectious, and kept me hanging on despite some events that might have made me drop the book otherwise.

Probably the single biggest one has nothing to do with the character issue we most often talk about here: I'm referring to the crap ending of "Mass Hysteria"

"One More Day" was one of the most ill-conceived bit of ax-grinding by an editor-in-chief ever inflicted on the American comic book audience; the [url]readers[/url] were not clamoring for Spider-Man to once again become an enormous loser; that was all the head honcho who thought having Spidey married made him feel old and and writers who chafed that having Spidey married made it harder for them to write Peter Parker banging their pet Mary Sue characters. So the end result was, for my money, the most massive two-middle-fingers-up "FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!" by a comic company to their readers EVER. That ANYBODY kept reading the book after that makes a case for the validity of the semi-derogatory/self-deprecating label "Marvel Zombies" being accurate. I've not bought a single Spider-Man comic since, not even when they snuck lookalikes of the Ghostbusters into one issue (#580, if you were wondering)

So imagine my disgust when IDW basically gave us a Ghostbusters remake of one of the shittiest comic book stories of all time, ending a beloved series on a depressing and insulting note?

My original draft for the snarky commentary for V2#20 was much angrier than what I posted...I got over it enough to keep reading, obviously, but I look back to where my enthusiasm for writing those aforementioned commentaries started to really wane, it was right there. It's just harder to keep interested in a book that pretty much just shoved "This is a licensed comic and we're not allowed to do much with it because Sony" in our faces...HARD.

In hindsight, it probably didn't help that since then, except for GBI, the book has basically been in perpetual crossover mode. The TMNT crossover was fun and new. The RGB crossover was pure bliss, the only negative being, as I've said before, it gave a glimpse of the book I really wish Burnham and Schoening were doing. But it's beginning to wear out on me.

And yeah, the crowd of characters, from the original Ghostbusters to carryovers from EGB and the video games to IDW's original creations to the constant parade of guest's getting crowded in there. A large cast in and of itself doesn't bother me--I mentioned the Legion above, which at times juggled a roster of two or three dozen active team members--but on the other hand there aren't any Legionnaires that give me the visceral dislike I have for Ron Alexander or Louis Tully or that inexplicably popular cardboard cipher known as "The Rookie" which is not even allowed to have a name (despite IDW sneaking one in early on--they never use it). And now we're juggling yet another class of potential future Ghostbusters AND the ATC characters...I worry that things are just too crowded for the new characters to get much of the development they'd need for me to care. And that the characters and situations I do care about are being crowded out to make way for characters and situations I don't care about as much.

If you read GBFans, you can see there's a lot of happy fans out there, and it's working for them, and I'm happy about that. I'd rather have a successful GB comic that I'm personally losing interest in than no comic at all.

Maybe it's just a phase and I'll get over it. I dunno.

Author:  ghostdiva [ May 30th, 2017, 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

Fritz, you've hit the nail on the head once again. I really feel like they are trying to force us to accept a GB universe without the original characters. I see no reason to do that. They can exist as long as Marvel or DC characters have existed. Either in print, in cartoons or with new actors portraying the characters. It's been done and can continue with this franchise.

I also have a huge distaste for Jenny dying and apparently Egon being dead and then getting his body back but having a new, indifferent personality.

Author:  Fritz [ May 31st, 2017, 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

ghostdiva wrote:
I also have a huge distaste for Jenny dying and apparently Egon being dead and then getting his body back but having a new, even more indifferent personality.

Fixed that for you... :P

In an ideal world, sales would be good enough and they'd clone Burnham and Schoening three times to give us four books...

One starring the IDW version of the original Ghostbusters

One based on the ATC universe. It actually kind of grates me a little that the only way they can make it into comics is by inviting even more direct comparisons to the originals.

One centered around the Loser Ghostbusters of Chicago (which I could ignore)

And while I'm dreaming, one set in the animated universe.

But since we only have one book that they have to constantly restart to generate sales, we're stuck with what we have. And honestly, I hate the fact that it just isn't working for me anymore the way it used to. I wish it did.

Author:  Fritz [ September 30th, 2017, 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghostbusters 101#3 [#50]

I finally got caught up, and read most of GB101 all at once. It wasn't horrible, but it sure wasn't as good as earlier efforts. Crossover fatigue, the glut of characters, all the usual reasons.

So why have I bumped this particular thread?

Because there's an idea I didn't see much comment about here, but of course lots of people at GBFans love it but I kept my mouth shut until I read the book in question:

There's a section in GB101#3 where IDW Ray and IDW Egon basically say that there are other Ghostbusters with similar equipment and ideas because during the fight with Gozer the protonic reversal caused their ideas to be seeded in other universes. And the suggestion that there's basically only one Gozer and the IDW guys were the only ones to fight it.

Excuse me?

They do say it's "only a theory" which makes me want to slap IDW Ray and IDW Egon upside the head for their shoddy research. Fire up that dimensional portal you use to daytrip to other dimensions in every fucking story now and ask RGB Ray and RGB Egon why they wear different colored flight suits and you might hear a word you're not expecting: "Gozer".

This whole dumb idea sets me off--the RGB version was here long before IDW was a gleam in Ted Adams' eye, and they do not get to shit all over direct statements in episodes by J. Micheal Stracynzski and others and arrogantly claim that the first two movies only happened in their universe but nobody else's--especially not in one which Columbia/Sony officially approved. Arguably, the animated Ghostbusters not only fought Gozer the exact same way the IDW Ghostbusters did, they did it a year earlier (in-story).

Like I said, of course the users at GBFans just love this idea because it, in-story, basically sticks it to the GBATC crew. Look, we know they're inspired by the original movies in the meta don't have to club in some stupid way for that to be true in-story also.

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