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PostPosted: July 5th, 2018, 5:32 pm 
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nikki wrote:
EGB Egon's dramatic appearance? Because Roger is the Prime GB dimensional version of him, I suppose. Though I wouldn't say that carries much emotional weight, really.

One thing that would have emotional consequences is if was the page where it was hinted that Egon persuaded Janine to go dimensional travelling and she ends up in danger because of it.

I suppose it depends if you count the Dramatis Personae in or not.

I can't help but feel that Egon persuading Janine to go travelling might have been a supremely bad idea

Yeah, it was definitely a bad idea, but you do have a point in if the Dramatis Personae pages were excluded, cos there could be an emotional weight for Egon in that he MAY just have given into jealousy once he saw who EGB Egon looked like, hence talking Janine into going through the portal. Then again, I still stand by the thought that EGB Egon's appearance alone was too much for Janine, hence she jumped into the portal of her own accord, so that's my take on the emotional weight of THAT (Counting DP pages) as Page 20.

UGH. We can all still agree that there should've been an actual scene of Egon telling Janine to come along or something, right?

Moonchild wrote:
If he makes that face again I might just cry.

To me, the yellow lighting on his face is too bright to make out if that's exactly what the look on his face is. Darn my eyesight.

I'm thinking it regards Janine because the whole gris-gris bag thing, the first hint towards Egon having actual feelings for her, happened in volume 3 of the first arc of ghostbusters comics and the quote from the interview mentions it being a thing long-time readers would react to (I'm wondering if he just used those words to avoid saying directly 'Janine/Egon fans') but it could be either, tbh.

Agreed and good point. That gris-gris bag really needs to come back, along with a Marie Laveau hallucination or flashback or something.

Keeping hope alive, even at the bleakest moment.

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