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PostPosted: November 4th, 2017, 9:57 am 
Extreme Ghostbuster
Extreme Ghostbuster

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Let me preface this by saying I am sorry if I put this here and were not allowed to but also warning things might seem ooc a it and ims orry for that two but without further ado ehre is the golden ae of ghostbusting

New york is a nice place to live Its better than Washington state and Ive been ale ot mke a name for myself here. Workig for the ghostbusters. I like to say im there mos timportant memeber wehn we all know its egon or ray who are mos timportant. You see the four of us Me egon ray and some part time ghostbuster named Gianu wipe out ghosts every which way. I guess he cant commit to ghostbusting full time becuase of eons coking and if thats it i dont blame him I told them i be chef for tehm since im a etter cook well most of the time You see once a month I get a bit well lets jsut say preoccupied you see Im an avianthrope for you lamens think of the werechikcen basially i turn into a bird durng the full moon. I am not possesse as egon thoguht the first time he saw this. I just happen to have a famil curse that cannot be removed. Its not all bad ives me the ability to sense and feel sepctral anomolies and read the area pretty quickly without the use of thier anyalizers. Ive been working for them for ab0out 11 years now.I moved here when i was 13 Id moved out on my own to avoid family drama and get away from family all togethe r becuase of well my entire fmaily is nothign but goldfinch avianthropes well aside fro my dutch cusion hes a duck but ill get into that another time. I moved away and ot a job working at this guys ice cream and shaved ice shop. Turns out he eventually became the part time hostbuster becuase of his same thing . Hes an avianthrope as wlel but hes a penguin. the two of lived togrether fro about a year before I got my own place for about a y ear and a half til i got kicked out. I moved on and foudn the ghostbusters and got a jo. it wa sust ray and eagon the others left something to do with being absorbed into the mother ghost or somehting im not sure Peter and winston will be missed. Anywhoo i was off on my first case when i hapened to find it. the biggest ghost youd ever seen. I was chasing itdown when an call came in from the guys, I tried to rush as fast i could to catch the ghost but of course now would be the time the full moon shows up and wrecks things. I took off and after a few moiuntes of quickly disarming myself save for a miniture preoton pack Id designed to work while both me and gianu are birds i dashed over and attacked the ghost capturing it easily. I guess being an avianthrope has its advantage. Ater id finished i flew over and they question me as to where id been and where my unifrom got off to and i explained myself i told them id put it in one of me and gianus marked hdiing places since i have spots in new york i hide my uniform jus tn cas eim ghostbusting and shift. I dont really wanna go wrecking my uifrom its to nice a unifrom to wreck. I might have to work on one that cana stand up to my turning into a mssive humn sized goldfinch one of these days.

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